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Registrator Viewer

Features and Description


User Interface

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    Do you want to help and make the new translation?
    If you have the desire and ability to translate the program into any other language, it is very easy to do. You need to translate any file from the archive. Easiest way to edit is direct into Notepad.
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  • Window and its components can be stretched.
  • You can hide all panels that are not needed.
  • You can drag columns in the file list and sort list by any of them.
  • You can drag video files on the program window and they will be added to the list.
  • Playing the files, passed to the command-line at startup.
  • Saving all settings: windows position, size of panels, file list view, etc.
  • The Metric system (meters, kilometers) and the British Imperial system (feet, miles).
  • Registrator Viewer - Main Program Window


  • All-In context menu
    Menu of item
  • Grouping of files - pieces of a trip can be watched as single record.
    Grouping of files

  • Files are searched automatically.
  • Copying files to the computer. Dates of file are saved, which is useful for future viewing, especially for files without GPS.
  • Deleting files from memory card.
  • Lock and unlock files to protect from overwriting.
  • Detailed properties of the video and GPS data.
  • Maps

    Google Maps
  • Google Maps, Open Street Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps, Nokia OVI (HERE) Maps, ArcGIS, Baidu, ...
  • Displaying the whole route and arrow with the current position and direction.
  • You can click on the route, and video seek to this time, when you were driving at a given point.
  • You can change the size of the arrows on the map.
  • Timestamps on the route.
  • GPS Supported for Video Registrators:

    ACV Q5
    AdvoCam-FD Black-GPS
    AdvoCam FD2 Mini-GPS
    AdvoCam-FD4 Profi-GPS
    AdvoCam-FD5 Profi-GPS
    AdvoCam FD6S Profi-GPS
    AdvoCam-FD7 Profi-GPS
    Akenori DriveCam 1080 Pro
    B40 A118 Tiesfong DVR
    BlackVue DR380G HD
    BlackVue DR400G
    BlackVue DR500GW-HD
    BlackVue DR550GW-2СH
    BlackVue DR650GW-2CH
    Car Black Box X3000
    Car Camcorder X90
    Carcam A7 Duo
    Carcam Q3
    Carcam QL3
    Carcam QS3
    Carcam QX3
    Carcam Q4
    Carcam Q5
    Chelong CL-RD12FH-D-S
    Dailyroads Voyager
    DATAKAM GS-600
    DATAKAM GS-800
    Defender Car Vision 5110 GPS
    DOD GS600
    DOD GSE550
    DOD LS300W
    DOD LS430W
    DOD VR-H3
    Digma DVR-80G
    Digma DVR-105G
    DVR 6000A
    DVR DS103
    Eeyelog HDW001
    Eeyelog EHD63
    Eplutus DVR GS551
    Eplutus DVR-GS760
    Eplutus DVR-GS953
    Eplutus GR-85FHD
    Ferguson Eye Drive FHG200
    Gobandit LIVE
    Highscreen Black Box Radar Plus
    HP F210
    iBang Magic Vision VR-400
    Intego VX-320HD
    Ion Adventure
    Livue LB100
    Lukas LK3700G
    MagicEye FG720
    Mini 0801 / 0803 / 0805 / 0806
    Mio MiVue 358
    Mio MiVue 388
    Nakamichi NV-75
    NEOLINE X-COP 9500
    Papago P2
    ParkCity DVR HD 710
    Parkvision PVR-50G
    Phisung Blue Mirror
    PowerUCC Panorama II
    ProCam CX4
    ProCam SX8
    RecordEYE DC860
    Recxon R5
    Ritmix AVR-820
    Ritmix AVR-827
    Roadline G9
    Rollei CarDVR 110
    Samoon DV5E5
    SAMOON 3H2
    SeeMax DVR RG400 GPS
    SHO-ME 1000G
    Sony AS30V
    Sony FDR-X1000
    Street Guardian SG9665GM / SG9665GC
    Street Storm CVR-A7510-G
    Street Storm STR-9970 Twin
    SUBINI 2000B
    Supra SCR830G
    Supra SCR-870G
    Tenex DVR 520
    TEXET DVR-561G / 571g
    Texet DVR-1GS
    Texet DVR-1GP / 2GP / 3GP / 5GP
    Thinkware F750
    TrendVision TV-100
    TrendVision TDR-718GP
    TrendVision QX3
    TRUECAM A5/A7 1080p
    VicoVation WF1
    VIOFO GS900, VF960
    Vosonic Flexmedia V747W
    VR-102 Critical Witness
    Winycam V300HD
    xDevice ВlackВox-35G A5
    Foto of SymDVR Program will make dash cam from
    your smartphone based on Symbian S60
    Symbian SymDVR site
    Your camera has a GPS, but it is not in this list?
    • GPS displayed correctly
    Please, let us know about it.
    Then your model will be added to the list.

    Send the e-mail to
      • This program does not show GPS data
    Please, send sample files.
    I'm interested to support any camera with GPS.

    You can send only files containing GPS data, but write details about the structure of the generated folders and files. If possible, take a short record (about one minute) on clean memory card and then compress everything what appeared on the card and send the archive. It is advisable to send video files with sound, just to verify that the clippings are working properly. Any additional information and details about your camera will help to support it. If your dash cam has a special player, then send it, if possible, or send the link where it can be downloaded.

    You can send files as attach to or upload it to any files storage.


  • You can attach an external file with the GPS track (*.gpx, *.plt, *.nmea), for example, in the case of video recording apart from GPS recording.
  • Support altitude, if this information is recorded by the registrator.
  • Calculation of the trip distance.
  • Export tracks to formats: KML (for Google Earth), CSV (for Excel), GPX (GPS eXchange Format), PLT (Ozi Explorer).
  • Generating SRT subtitles, containing GPS information. They can be attached to the video on YouTube, as well as they accepting by many players: VLC, MPC, MPlayer, CrystalPlayer, DirectVobSub, ...
  • Recovering of damaged video files

    If video record process failed, the file's header is not saved and file will broken. This happens, for example, when the camera is crashing or memory card cannot handle too much data flow. This video file cannot be played, however, it can be recovered. It requires another good (not damaged) video file, recorded with the same frame size, to set parameters for the search and copy specific information to create new file's header.
    Implemented two independent methods for restoring broken files:
  • Repair header.
    Seek a well-known structure of MOV / MP4 file, locate the frame borders and write lost header straight to the source file. The method works for most popular modern FullHD DVR, especially on the Ambarella chip.
  • Full scan.
    All bytes of the file passed through decoder, which performs decoding, only if the data was sent is valid frame. The method works, no matter the structure of the damaged file, and even able to recover video from the data files of lost clusters. This creates new video file, which contains all recognized frames. Need free space as size of broken file.
    Both methods are not exclusive and may be used together, in any order.
    As a test, the repairing can be applied to the working file. The result, in theory, should remain playable. This will give you a confirmation that the recovering works for your type and format of files.
  • Playback

  • Various video conversions:
    • Stretch video to all of the available area of the window, with save aspect ratio or don't save.
    • Zoom in and zoom out the video, change the scale as you wish.
    • Reflect video horizontally or vertically. Together - rotate by 180 degrees to view the records, if the registrator was hanged upside down.
  • Save screenshots (single video frames).
  • Variable playback speed (does not always work well for some reason).
  • Loop AB.
  • Frame by frame viewing.
  • Seek video by left and right arrows on your keyboard.
  • Pause on click and by space key.
  • Play the file list in the loop.
  • Built-in MOV / MP4 Splitter

  • No need to install any codecs for Windows Vista / 7 / 8. But for Windows XP you still need to install the H264 decoder.
  • There is no pause during switching to the next file in the group during playback. Video is played continuously if the DVR's records with no gaps between the blocks. Seeking to any position of the video, even between files, occurs as quickly as inside single file.
  • Satisfying video speedup. And even timelapse effect. You can speed up video playback to any value and it does not require much power from your computer, because it is decoding not all frames, but only needed for displaying.
  • Supported EVR - Enhanced Video Renderer (only for Windows Vista / 7 / 8)

  • Hardware decoding video, using the graphic card. If the processor does not enough for HD (old PC or new netbook), but the graphic card are new, it will be play HD without brakes.
  • Non-linear stretch with saving aspect ratio in the center - a convenient projection of video, to watch HD 1920x1080 on standard (square) monitor.
  • Stretching of video is smooth and performing by video card. That is there is no "squares" when zoom in.
  • You can even stretch video on two monitors.
  • Video Fragments

  • Save any part of the trip without recompression for MOV and MP4 formats.
    • Cutting fragments.
    • Joining blocks to single file.
  • It is possible to cut without sound.
  • Cutting related GPS information is also made.
  • You can speed up or slow down any piece of exported fragment.
  • Copy all headers of the original file. Exported video fragments technically have no different from the original files, and even playing on your DVR, if you have not changed the speed.
  • Video frames and screenshots of whole window in JPEG format contain the EXIF with GPS data.
  • Graphs

  • Customizable set of graphs:
    • Speed.
    • Altitude.
    • X, Z, Y projections and the total vector of the vibrations G-Sensor (acceleration sensor).
  • The graphs show the local maximums.
  • Zoom in and the movement on the graphs and time line.
  • Pop-up window with an increased graph and detailed information about all of the measured values at given point.
  • Graphs

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